Getting settled in and making your new house feel like home is essential once you’ve gotten through the bulk of your big move. Making a new space all yours is a fun process, but can take some time in the midst of busy schedules and new adjustments.  That’s why we have some helpful tips to make your space feel like home in no time!

Focus on One Main Room to Start. First things first, choose a room to prioritize like the living room or a bedroom and make it a cozy retreat from the craziness of moving.  Get all the boxes out of there and fill it with blankets, pillows, a couple of picture frames and lamps to give it a familiar, comforting feel while you’re getting settled.

Next, Set Up the Bathroom. Nothing makes you feel less at home than a bathroom without soap to wash your hands, towels to dry off, or a cozy floor mat under your feet. Get these things set up before anything else, so you feel more at home in a room that you use so frequently. And don’t forget toilet paper!

Get Internet Up and Running. Having functioning internet equals instant gratification. How can you possibly function in your home without it? Make this one of the first things you do.

Make it Smell Like Home. Scent is our strongest sense. It immediately transports us and can be instantly comforting. If your old house smelled like baked goods, start baking! Or light up your favorite scented candle. At the very least, buy some fresh cut flowers. Never underestimate the effect of roses, lavender or lilies.

Sort Out Dressers and Closets. Help the mornings start on the right foot with a little organization where it matters most.  Make sure your favorite PJs or go-to pair of jeans, and more importantly, underwear, socks and shoes, are all easy to find and ready to go.

Stick To Your Routines… especially if you have kids. If possible, set things up similarly to how they were in your old house, so it’s easier to adjust– coat and/or key hooks, the cereal station, laundry baskets. Keep to bedtimes, and any other routines – like Sunday pancakes or nightly walks.

Meet the Neighbors. Nothing says “you’re home” like a familiar face. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and exchange numbers. They can fill you in on upcoming community events and help make the transition in your new neighborhood easier.

Find Your Local Takeout Spot. Hop on Yelp or jump in the car and take a drive to find a good food spot to try. Forget cooking after all this unpacking! But instead of eating out, get it to go, so you can break-in the new place with some yummy Chinese, pizza or another family favorite. It can become your first special memory together in your new home!

Making your new house into a home is a fun and exciting process. These tips will help make the transition a lot more seamless, so you can start enjoying your beautiful new home right away!

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